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10+ Unique Details And Trends We Spotted At Alia And Ranbir’s Wedding

At Alia and Ranbir’s wedding, we noticed a few unique details and trendsetters:

1. Coordinated Classic Ivory Ensemble

Alia and Ranbir ditched the bright colors in favor of elegant ivory and gold ensembles. Both of their wedding gowns were designed by Sabyasachi, who color matched the couple to make them look like royalty. Alia chose a magnificent ivory saree with beautiful golden embroidery that ran the length of the hand-dyed organza saree. While Ranbir donned a Sabyasachi embroidered silk sherwani adorned with trademark uncut diamonds that were custom-made for him. He completed the look with a zari-marori embroidered shawl and a traditional white organza safa.

2. The No-Make Makeup Look Of Alia Bhatt

We’re not sure we’ll ever get over Alia’s decision to wear no makeup and her hair in an ‘open hair’ style for her wedding. She paved the way for all future brides who like to keep things simple. Alia’s freckles and grin lines could even be seen through her ‘no-makeup’ cosmetic look.

3. Alia And Ranbir’s Heritage Jewellery

The couple went for a regal approach, wearing Sabyasachi Heritage Jewellery 2022, which provided glitz and shine to their ensembles. Alia chose statement sheeshpattis, chokers, jhumkas, and stacked kada bangles made of diamonds, pearls, and polki. Ranbir finished off his ensemble with uncut diamonds from Sabyasachi’s Heritage Jewellery collection. He chose uncut diamonds, emeralds, and pearls for his kalgi, which he coupled with a multi-strand pearl necklace.

4. Alia Gave Minimum Chooda Goals For The New Age Brides!

Alia Bhatt kept it simple with her bridal attire, opting for little Chooda. She stacked a couple of red Chooda bangles with her Sabyasachi’s Heritage Jewellery kada bangles. Even when it came to traditional Chooda, she kept her basic style intact.

5. Unique Ways Ranbir Incorporated Diamonds In His Ensemble

On his wedding day, not only Alia but also Ranbir Kapoor kept his style and chicness in control! Ranbir sported the traditional diamond ear earrings and looked great in them. He even wore uncut diamonds throughout his ensemble! Ranbir Kapoor donned an embroidered silk sherwani with Sabyasachi uncut diamond buttons, according to Sabyasachi.

6. Alia And Ranbir’s Mehendi Design Kept Simple

Alia chose a simple mandala mehendi design instead of the ornate bridal mehendi designs. She kept it simple to match the rest of her outfit. Ranbir, on the other hand, chose a simple love sign with Alia’s name and a ‘8’, which is his favorite/lucky number. This ‘8’ can also be used as an infinity symbol (). Isn’t it simply too adorable to bear?

7.  Alia Bhatt’s Unique Blouse And Kaleera Design

Alia went for an out-of-the-box approach with her shirt design, which had golden-embroidered butterfly patterns. These lovely butterfly designs resemble Alia’s aura, which frequently portrays how carefree she is in her essence. She also chose a unique set of kaleere designs, which she had custom-made by the talented Mrinalini Chandra. Clouds, stars, butterflies, and birds were among the lovely elements highlighted.

8. Alia Bhatt Paired Her Saree With A Sheer Veil

Alia Bhatt’s thin veil, which she teamed with her gorgeous saree, captured our hearts! The tissue veil was designed by Sabyasachi and included intricate tilla embroidery and hand-woven workmanship with a scalloped border. The 8 / infinity symbol () was embroidered on the veil, which has a lot of meaning for the pair. It resembles an infinity symbol () when held horizontally, and Ranbir Kapoor’s jersey number ‘8’ when held vertically. A white alphanumeric detail of their wedding date, ‘The fourteenth of April 2020,’ was also stitched on the veil.

9. Simple Cake And Toast Celebration Post The Wedding

The couple toasts each other and cuts cake to commemorate their wedding. Their lovely wedding cake had a flower motif and was simple. Alia and Ranbir were seen bursting the champagne, toasting, and kissing to end the celebration!

10. Alia And Ranbir’s Wedding Jaimala

Because jaimalas are a significant element of the wedding ceremony, Alia and Ranbir chose a modest yet unique option. Instead of marigolds, roses, or foliage varmalas, they use baby’s breath and mogra for their Jaimalas. The delicate Jaimalas complemented the wedding’s overall tone and essence perfectly!

11. Unique Details Of Floral Décor

Alia and Ranbir chose a mehendi that was both simple and gorgeous! Interflora was in charge of the floral arrangements, and they did a fantastic job decking up the entire house. The decor was so lovely that it served as the perfect backdrop for all of the photos! The soft-toned explosion of multicoloured flowers provide the ideal setting for an inside mehendi.

12. Alia And Ranbir’s Choice Of Intimate Wedding Venue

Alia and Ranbir’s wedding location was their house balcony, not some posh destination wedding or a five-star hotel. Yes, the couple married in their Vastu Building, which also hosted all of their pre-wedding activities and post-wedding celebrations. Alia remarked in her Instagram post: “Today, surrounded by our family and friends, at home … in our favourite spot – the balcony we’ve spent the last 5 years of our relationship – we got married.”

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