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Best Budget-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Wedding is one of the biggest days of anyone’s life. It’s the union of two beautiful souls and It surely demands to be celebrated in a stunning way. Scared of the Big Fat Indian Wedding expenses? Guess what this beautiful occasion can also be celebrated without burning a big hole in your pocket too. Do you dream of having a budget-friendly wedding too? If yes, then you are in the right spot!

The idea of having an amusing wedding that does not burn a hole in your pocket seems beyond the bounds of possibility, right? Well, trust us, it is not that arduous. A few changes here and there can definitely help you in having a budget-friendly wedding!

Today, we at Evente, bring to you the best possible ways to plan and organize your wedding day in the most incredible way without worrying about a hefty wedding bill!


A lot can be saved if one goes through every small detail while planning a wedding. Starting with wedding invites, as beautiful as the customized wedding invites look, one can go for other affordable options too and the two options that go on the top of our heap are:

Digital Invites

Digital Invites are getting really famous these days and not only for weddings but various other celebrations as they are much more affordable and not to forget environment friendly too! You can create closed groups on Facebook, mail, and WhatsApp and can send your digitally designed invites in bulk saving you a hefty bill on getting customized wedding invitations.

DIY Invites

Got a creative side to yourself or for that matter some creative and artistic cousins or friends around you? Well call them in and get some amazing DIY invites made! You can consider going for DIY invitations if you feel that digital invites are a bit too informal, but not to forget that they are indeed a trend and much more affordable than any other options.

Venue Selection

Selection of your wedding venue is one of the most important tasks when it comes to planning your D-Day. The venue alone takes up a big chunk of your budget and thus it demands to be carefully selected.

Planning a wedding alone is a tedious affair and keeping the budget in control seems to add up to the stress but to be honest, not really.

Selecting a venue that is naturally beautiful and does not require much décor can be your go-to option. Other than this, choosing locations with a beautiful scenic view over gardens, banquets, or choosing venues in small beautiful towns or outskirts rather than big cities. Doing bookings in well advance are a few basic solutions to keep your venue expenses under control!

Wedding Planners

A professional’s help and advice are always recommended when it comes to planning and organizing an event. Selecting a Wedding Planner to share your burden is always a great option to go for as they are the ones constantly working in this industry and have great contacts and budget ideas. Wedding Planners can get you apt prices and quotations along with many options for each category which is tough to explore and try, they ensure that you get the best while making sure they get you someone well defined in your budgets such as Decorators, Caterers, Photographers, Makeup-artists, Entertainers and many more.

Investing in a good wedding planner is great as it can save many here and their expenses by getting you the best prices along with professional services. Totally a win-win!

If you have an event coming up anytime soon, we at Evente are your one pit stop. Check out our website by clicking the link down below.

Wedding Outfit

Wedding shopping is one of the most tedious yet fun experiences at one’s wedding. As much as you love and adore your wedding outfit, there is hardly any scope of you wearing it in the future because of its heavy style, and let’s not forget, the world has seen you in it – live and on digital platforms. After months of your wedding, looking at that wedding outfit will definitely bring out all the memories of your wedding day but the sad truth of it being dumped somewhere in the back-end of your closet is definitely not worth imagining.

Solution? Rent-it-out! Renting wedding outfits is so much in trend these days and if you are someone who is desperately wanting a budget-friendly wedding then this is one option that you might want to consider!

Well, if you still want to buy that beautiful outfit of yours instead of renting, focus on off-season shopping or shopping during a sale. Getting your outfit tailor-made from somewhere altering the design into something lighter can also save you some money here and there. Remember, small changes make up for a big one!

Wedding Décor

The décor of your wedding speaks for itself. Wedding décor should be a portrayal of class and elegance. After the venue, the décor to takes up a substantial amount off your budget thus it needs to be decided carefully.

If you are someone who is planning a budget-friendly wedding and are worried as to how to get the décor beautifully done without burning a hole in your pocket then look at these budget-friendly décor ideas.

If looking for a budget-friendly décor then heavy floral décor is something you might want to strike out of your list because floral decors indeed, fall in the category of expensive décor styles. Instead, you can go for the following décor styles:


Beautiful L.E.D light strings, colorful paper lanterns, electric candles, or normal wax candles can make your décor extremely beautiful and elegant.


Instead of going for heavy on the eyes décor one can go for classy backdrops such as, vintage wooden frames, wooden/metal cages, charismatic paintings, or creative and beautiful small props to combine and be placed in a manner to give a larger décor feels with minimal elements. Colorful light props like kites, dream catchers, etc. for a function like mehndi can also be used to highlight the area.


Colorful drapes can never go wrong. They give you an amazing option of playing with colors or for that matter keeping it more subtle by choosing a specific combination say, Blue and Gold, Pink and Purple, etc.

We at Evente, organized a Mehendi ceremony and used colorful drapes as a part of our décor.

Click the link to check out the gallery of that Mehendi ceremony.


Well, there are various other things that you can set up in your wedding venue to make it livelier and one of the trendiest of them all are Photo-Booths. Some good props for the pictures and a trendy backdrop van do all the work. Just a lively corner for all the beautiful trendy selfies.

Flowers and Leaves

Well, if you still dream of having a little floral décor along with maintaining your budget then going for flowers that are in season, or flowers that are comparatively inexpensive such as rose, carnations, and marigold can be your option. Other than that, you can also do tree branches, attractive tree leaves, or artificial flowers available in bulk. With immense innovations, all these substitutes make your wedding décor equally beautiful if not better when decorated with real flowers.


The concept of balloons in weddings is not used by many, especially when it comes to Indian weddings. This is fair because when we think of balloons the classic balloons come to our mind but, putting up big, beautiful, and amusingly different round balloons for the wedding décor can make it pop and above all fit right in your budget.

Well, these are the best budget-friendly wedding ideas that we have curated for you! Hope by now you might have gotten an idea of what you desire.

You can check out our other blogs on Wedding Décor Ideas by us.

If you too have an event coming up any time soon and are seeking professionals then do get in touch with us.

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