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Captivating Wedding Cake Designs

Wedding cake serves as a sweet spot in your wedding. Selecting a wedding cake is an ominous task as it catches a lot of attention at the Event and in the photographs thus demands to be attractive


Selecting your wedding cake should be more of a fun experience than a stressful one but for that to happen some prior research is a must so that you have an idea of what you desire before getting your cake customized!

Well, if you are someone who dreams of having an enchanting cake at your wedding or reception but is confused looking at 1000(S) of options available then keep reading because today, we at Evente, bring to you 9 captivating Wedding Cakes Designs.

Floral Cakes.

One can never go wrong with flowers. Do you have that amazing floral décor in your wedding? Well how about getting some floral design to your wedding cake as well? Keep the base simple and matching with your theme and add beautiful artificial/ real or even edible flowers on it.

This classic heavy floral designed cake is to inspire you to get your own enchanting cake for your Wedding, Engagement, Reception or even your Roka Ceremony…!

Want to go an extra mile? How about a simple and decent square floral cake with minimalism and elegance defining it.

Want to add some distinct element to your wedding cake? A floating floral cake is both charismatic and different! We even call it a Chandelier Cake.

Naked Cakes

Naked cakes are the ones that have zero frostings on the outside exposing the cake and it’s filling.

They can be decorated variedly. From chocolate to macrons to donuts to various berries, absolutely anything can be used.

They serve as one of the most pretty and fun cakes with no frosting but more of decoration with different elements.

Chandelier Cakes

Well, if you have been researching upon the trending wedding cake designs then I am sure you must have come across the Chandelier or Hanging Cake.

It is so much in trend these days. After you, this beautiful and distinct cake will be guilty to grasp all the attention of your guests. If you want some buzzy element to your wedding then chandelier cake must be in your list of considerations!

Rainbow Cake

Pop of colors in your wedding and that too in the form of a scummy and eye-catching cake? Definitely worth considering!

Even though rainbow cakes are not much used in weddings but customizing it by ensuring subtle colors and elegant designs which goes by the aura of a wedding can be amazingly doable.

Tall Cakes

Not enough charm in your wedding? Well, how about adding up a huge royal wedding cake?

If you want your wedding cake to be taller than you then consider tall dummy cakes!

These big wedding cakes level up the appearance of you wedding venue!

If you want your guests to go WOAHH! as soon as they enter the venue and look at your wedding cake then you can have a mix of real and dummy(fake) cakes forming a giant one can be your pick!

Few layers will be real edible cake in your favourite flavours, rest can be dummy layers to give the WOW height to our cake!

Themed Cakes

Well, are you following a theme for your wedding? If yes, then why not have a themed wedding cake! Your wedding cake should be able to add up to the portrayal of your wedding décor to make it catchier!

From shimmery to rustic to aesthetic, you can go for whatever design you think suits your theme best!


Metallic cakes are synonymous to class and elegance. They are beautiful, minimal and eye-calming kind off cakes.

If you have a simple and sophisticated vibe at your wedding with a close circle and want a similar type of cake to go with the aura of your wedding then metallic cakes would be your best option!

Well, this is the list of 7 most trendy and amusing Wedding Cake Designs that we have curated for you today!

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