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September 28, 2021

Wedding Trends in 2019-2020

Weddings are celebration of love and life.

It’s a pure connection of souls who decide to compliment each other in every aspect they can.

For an occasion as special as this, We, at Evente are here to list some very interesting wedding trends that are in this season of 2019-2020 to make your wedding as special as your bond.

Wedding trends don’t get replaced but they evolve year after year. New trends may come into play but the essence of the old one’s always stays. People nowdays take ideas from the already existing trends and mix them up with their innovative ideas that they have in mind, creating a fusion of old and young one’s.

Here are some trends in the wedding industry for 2019-2020. Look carefully, it might give you an idea for planning your BIG day!

1. Modern Wedding Décor

Nowadays, people are carrying their old rituals in new and personal ways by mixing traditions with modern décor and trending styles. Materials like crystals, pearls, feathers, lights are being incorporated in the traditional colours and styles.

2. Old and Classic

As they say, ‘Old is Gold’. Sticking with the traditional Décor, styles, colours and floral arrangements is always a go to option, specially in this era of modernization, the old and classics give their own extravagant vibe.

3. Destination Weddings

Legit the most famous and trendy type of weddings these days are destination weddings. Destination weddings are also cheaper sometimes as there are selective number of guests. Of course, the more the merrier is an old goody but the pocket demands to be happy too, after all weddings are jolly events. Above all, it feels more like a celebrated vacation and who says no to a vacay right? Exotic destinations can be handpicked for your special day, be it a beach wedding or a palacial one, every location can be enjoyed with the people you love. Check out 2 of our amazing blogs, 5 unexplored wedding destinations and 12 most beautiful summer wedding destinations in India to plan your D-day.

4. Theme Weddings

Theme weddings give a really different vibe to the wedding. From décor to props to even the outfits can be matched and styled. Floral décor, aesthetic décor, classic Indian décor, subtle and elegant décor, vibrant and lively décor. There are an array of options to choose from. Be it a coloured theme, or a chosen era for guests to follow, all can be great for getting Amazing Pictures!

5. Wedding Entertainment

For Entertainment at a Sangeet, Mehndi or the Main wedding. Just DJ(S) and Dhol walas are a little to passé. Live bands, dancers, magicians and other such entertainers are too much in trend these days. They make the wedding more lively and spirited.

6. Wedding Cakes

Those big and beautiful wedding cakes are just too hard to resist. Flavors and pretty, isn’t that a great combination? The tier cakes are those good oldies which continue to trend adding that extra Zing to your Wedding!

Well these are few of the major Wedding trends which refuse to go out of style. Do give a look at our other blogs. If you too want your auspicious occasion to be planned in the most simplest, elegant and hassle free-way then we, at Evente are your one pit-stop.

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