Top Corporate Event Trends

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Top Corporate Event Trends


With constant development and growth of the corporate industry, corporate events and meetings are also on a hike. Not only the no. of events taking place every year are increasing but experimenting with various technologies and ideas for hosting an out-of-the-box event is on peak too!

Apart from being planned and executed in a systematic way, the ongoing trends in the industry must be followed for a Competitive Corporate Event because a successful event panders to your marketing and branding strategies.

It is very important for your event planner to be well aware and updated about the trends in the corporate industry to throw an appealing and wow event. We at Evente are proud of our systematic planning keeping in mind the trends in the corporate world and our apt and hassle free execution.

With increasing competition, the bar has been set pretty high when it comes to hosting a corporate event. So today, we at Evente, bring 5 Corporate Event Trendsfor you to throw an amusing event!


Latest Technology

      Virtual Reality


Using new and innovative technologies in your event such as Virtual Reality Games or a tour of your office or some new upcoming project using Virtual Reality will keep the guests Engaged.

        3D Projection Mapping


3D projection mapping is simply putting images on a surface with a 3D effect. It can be used for any presentations to be given during an event. The 3D look will keep your audience well engaged and not to forget will add up to the quality of your event. 

         Event App


Getting a customized app developed for an event with all the important Information such as: About the Event, Event Location and Directions, Event Flow Chart, Event Registration, Question and Answer Portal, General Questionnaires, Pictures of the company, Surveys and Polls etc. This app can be carried forward for all the data gathered too.


Marketing & PR

Marketing and Promoting an event is one of the most important tasks and with time, many new trends and ideas have come into play. One of the most used source for promotion these days is Digital Media.

         Social Media and Google


It is the era of digitization and people are using digital platforms as one of the major sources to promote their events.

From creating Closed Facebook groups to building websites to attract potential attendees, From creating survey and polls online to sending beautifully crafted e-mails, teasers using various tools such as Mail chimp, AWeber etc.

One can also create Customized logo specific to their event using various tools such as Wix Logo Maker, Logomaster and many more.


   (Image Source:DesignVamp)

Apart from all this, if you have your business listed in Google My Business, Posts and Ads for Eventscan be easily createdand promotedand with Google being the most renowned search engines, can indeed help a lot in promoting your event!



Chatbots are virtual customer service providers. It is basically used to solve the queries and grievances on the online portal!

          Live Streaming


Streaming live videos of the event preparations, event décor in progress and the entire event once started and posting it online, too helps a lot in branding and marketing!


Event Set-up

The event set-up is the most important impression of the event for your attendees and thus it demands to be carefully done. The mix of some ongoing and new trends can get your event an amazing event set-up.



For events expecting higher number of guests such as Annual day or Family day, an outdoor area such as open lawns are better options as they give more room for extra arrangements such as Stage, bar counters, Play Area for kids, etc.



For events such as conferences, dealer’s meet etc., indoor areas are always a better option to go for as it usually requires screen and projectors, presentations for highly formal interactions.

             LED Lights


Using LED lights instead of traditional lights is an apt option as they look beautiful and are cost-effective.

             LED Screens


LED screens instead of projectors has become  extremely popular, especially when it comes to corporate events as they improve the attendee’s engagements by making the presentations much more lively, clear, entertaining and comfortably visible.

It is very important to accumulate good visibility and great sound to give the best experience to the attendees so make sure both audio and videogo together!



The entertainment you decide to show at your event must be carefully thought upon and then selected as an any inappropriate act or show can hinder with the company’s reputation.

The event entertainment must be selected keeping in mind the celebrated but formal nature of a corporate event. There are an array of entertainment sources for a corporate event from which one can choose from. At Evente, we help you choose the most suitable option for your Company’s Brand and the event being organized.

  • Live Band
  • Comedians
  • Sand Artists
  • Virtual Artists
  • Virtual Reality Games
  • Orchestra
  • LED Dancers
  • Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality can be used in off-site tours to organize livelier and more fun city tours or games such as scavenger hunt.


Event Management Team


It is always a good option to hire professionals when it comes to organizing a corporate event as it indeed is a tedious affair. Event planners and organizers are the ones who are in direct contact with various vendors and can get you the best prices! Apart from that, corporate events demand to be planned and organized properly as they do add up to the branding of your company. The whole event is a Marketing initiative and should be carried out in the best possible way.

The event management team comprises of event coordinator, event planner, event manager and event assistants. The event coordinator sits on the top level and handles all the team. The event planner plans the entire event. The event manager ensures that all the work is done smoothly and according to the plan and event assistants comprises of a team that does various on field work like, taking registration, bringing miscellaneous stationary, ushers etc.

We at Evente are a team of highly professional and dedicated members who aim at planning and organizing your event in the simplest, fastest and hassle free way!


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